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Keyboard and Mouse


The following work samples demonstrate skills and experience using the eLearning authoring tools Articulate Storyline and Rise. As an instructional designer, attention is placed on the clients' needs, learning theories, instructional design models, and software features.


"Train the Trainer" Products

Through an independent contractor position with Core Knowledge Foundation, I produced a series of work products, including deliverables for a 1-hour webinar, three asynchronous modules using Articulate Rise, and deliverables for a 2-day in-person workshop.


Training Your New Rescue Dog

This story-driven, scenario-based eLearning provides new rescue dog owners with pet items to buy (actions), followed by scenarios (consequences) in order to reinforce or weaken their associations between a stimulus and a response.


Best Practices in Middle School
Classroom Management

This scenario-based eLearning simulation assists middle school teachers (grades 6-8) in the effective implementation of classroom management techniques.


Can You Read Better Than A Rock Star?

This eLearning employs receptive and directive instructional methods to assist students in the learning and reinforcement of traditional music notation reading and recall. 

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